Legends Rugby Club

2020 – Celebrating the 32st year of the Legends (Very Social) Rugby Club

Legends Rugby Club is always looking for enthusiastic old boy rugby players and supporters to join and become part of our Social Club.

We are associate members of the Meraloma Club with members active in both organizations, along with global ex-pats and other Vancouver (Canada) area players.

Those that wish to play matches are encouraged to do so with our sister club, The Evergeens.  Matches are on most Sundays at 1pm from September through May, and home games are played at the spectacular Brockton Oval in Stanley Park, Vancouver.

Players 38 years and older are welcome on the field, match rules are variously modified to keep it fun for all and modified contact rules are strictly enforced to accommodate those 60 and older.

Legends and their spouses enjoy a full calendar of social activities including, hosting a one day Old Boy Tournament the Friday before the Canada Sevens takes place in our home city of Vancouver. A variety of social nights, summer BBQs, pub crawls and a posh Christmas Dinner fill the annual calendar.

If you have played and enjoyed the sport at any time in your life, come and join in the fun.

Tales of past heroics generally begin at 7:00pm Thursdays in the Meraloma clubhouse, Connaught Park.

Facebook: Legends Rugby Club Vancouver

"You don't stop playing rugby because you grow olde, you grow olde because you stop playing rugby!"